About Pal

Pal is a multi-award winning Lawyer, AFR & Westpac 100 Women of Influence & Corporate Vision Business Innovator Award Winner. She assists Corporates, Government Departments, Universities & Schools, community organisations & individuals locally in NSW & internationally, and online.

Her path hasn't always been as a Leader, Influencer or Trainer. And it hasn't been a bed of roses. 

At school, she was called a names like a "curry muncher" and " 4 eyes".

Pal followed a traditional path of completing Economics and Law (Hons) degrees from Sydney University, and worked in Senior Executive and leadership roles in the private, public sector for over 20 years. But it never felt like she was working in alignment with her true calling. 

After soul searching, and diving deep, she took the plunge & started her own business and step into the person that she was always meant to be. 

Pal uses her experiences to help others unlock their potential and start enjoying life like never before.

Whether you want to explore a new path, or  stay in the same job, Pal will help you if you're having trouble getting up in the morning, feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, or all of the above.  

Her key goal is to help and serve others. She wants to build meaningful connections and a lasting legacy for future generations.

For those who want to know more about Pal's academic and professional background & achievements, please read below

Pla's work has been recognised through awards such as Corporate Vision Business Award Winner, and selection on the prestigious AFR & Westpac 100 Women of Influence.

Her uniqe views, on a variety of topics have been widely sought in print, radio and TV. She's  been interviewed, or written opeds for media networks such as: Ch 7, Ch 9, Skynews, SMH, The Australian, ABC, SBS, BBC World, Inner west Courier, Women’s Agenda, the Ethics Centre and community newspapers such as Indus Age. One of her articles reached over 250,000 accounts on social media.

Pal has also presented submissions before Government Committees, and positively contributed to changes to Government policy to increase access to justice and served as a former People of Australia Ambassador and former Lifeline Counsellor.

She's also served on several Boards, such as the NSW Ministerial Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity,  the Australia India Business Council, the Anti-Discrimination Board, and as an Appointed Supporter of the Joint Federal & State Government campaign to stop domestic or family violence.

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